SNOWHITE Luxurious 150-Inch Digonal, 16:9 Aspect Ratio, Long Focus ALR Ambient Light Rejection 4K 3D Fixed Frame Screen (6 PCS Frames) SM150CFH-C(V)

SNOWHITE  Luxurious  150-Inch Digonal,  16:9 Aspect Ratio,
Long Focus  ALR Ambient Light Rejection 4K 3D Fixed Frame Screen  (6 PCS Frames) SM150CFH-C(V)
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SNOWHITE 150 Inch 16:9 Long focus ALR Projection Screen
Basic Info:
150-inch Diagonal, 16:9 Aspect Ratio, Viewing Area: 130” x 73”, Overall size: 132” x 75”, 65mm (2.6”) frame covered black velvet. The screen is processed by special craft to achieve high gain and imagery quality, and the screen provide a high-performance, high-contrast and wide viewing angle for 4K 3D movies.
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Product Features:
l       Adopted 65mm edge frame. The Narrow edge frame material and simple design, make the screen looks upscale-luxury.
l       Ultra large viewing angle which insure that from any angle to watch the image without any optical shadows.
l       With strong ability of ambient light rejection, comparing with the common diffuse reflection white screens, it increase the contrast 100%.
l       Taking advantage of diffuse reflection, special handling to the screen surface which make the screen smooth, bright and clean.
l       In the bright and large space room, the screen can keep vivid color and image.
Technical Parameters of Long focus ALR Screen:
Gain: 0.8; Bright-Room Contrast:1:5; Obscuring Ratio: 90%; Viewing Angle: 100 degree.

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